Novelty Stubby Holders

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Sleeveless Jersey Stubby
Sleeveless Jersey Stubby Coolers are manufactured using scuba foam.
from $3.61 to $2.50 ea
150 min qty
Boot Shaped Stubby Holder
Boot Stubby Coolers can be supplied in a great range of colours
from $4.09 to $2.85 ea
150 min qty
Sneaker Shaped Stubby Cooler
Sneaker Stubby Coolers are available in your choice of 24 different colours.
from $4.09 to $2.85 ea
150 min qty
Bling King Stubby Holder
Bling King Stubby Holders give a royal decor to your next fundraiser.
from $4.10 to $2.78 ea
500 min qty
Foam Boot Stubby
Foam Boot Stubby Coolers are a great promo giveaway item for a country music festival
from $4.84 to $2.12 ea
50 min qty
Hoodie Bottle Coolers
Hoodie Jumper Bottle Coolers keep the beverages cool and fresh
from $5.04 to $3.93 ea
250 min qty
Team Stubby Holders
Team Stubby Holders are a great way to promote your club. These custom stubby holders have no base for easy use
from $5.25 to $3.17 ea
50 min qty
Plaid Shirt Stubby Cooler
Plaid Shirt Stubby Coolers can be customised
from $5.96 to $4.26 ea
150 min qty
Bikini Stubby Holder
Bikini Stubby Holders are one of our more novelty stubby coolers with a bikini shaped bottle holder that we can custom print
from $6.00 to $3.96 ea
50 min qty
Leather Look Boot Stubby
Leather Look Boot Stubby Coolers are popular promotional tools.
from $6.16 to $3.54 ea
150 min qty
Babe Stubby Cooler
Babe Stubby Coolers are great promotional giveaways.
from $8.16 to $5.47 ea
50 min qty
Hip Loaded Stubby Cooler
Hip Loaded Stubby Coolers are available in three different bright colours.
from $8.58 to $5.41 ea
100 min qty

Among our huge collection of stubby coolers on this site, we’ve also arranged a section dedicated entirely to funny and novelty stubby holders. You’ll love these themed drink coolers because they are specially designed for certain types of events like bucks hens night parties or corporate sporting events.