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8 June, 2012

Zippered Bottle Coolers Are Perfect For Keeping Beverages Cool

For something different try our choices in zip bottle coolers. They are all made from the same quality 5mm neoprene material as our stubby holders and we can screen print your logo on the sides. You’ve got options for both smaller sized bottles or larger 750ml beer or wine bottles. The zippers are heavy duty to ensure they can stand up to the rigours of constant use and they come in a large range of colours. They are great to use as promotions for beverage companies or perhaps you are introducing a new style of beer. Also good for bottle shops who want to give away a free gift with purchases over a certain dollar value, they can offer a great incentive for people to make additional purchases.

The most popular would have to be our 375ml as it holds stubby beer bottles with ease. The zippered neck means they cover the entire bottle which ensures you get superior insulation. Unlike standard stubby holders, we can’t do a wrap print so each side is considered its own print. This makes zippered bottle coolers a little more expensive but they do have a much higher perceived value, so if you want a more corporate type gift, these would be the ideal choice for your next promotion.

The Stubby Holders Team