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29 October, 2018

What Should You Get Your Guests During Parties

If you're organising a house party on the holidays, you might want to surprise your guests with the giveaways they will never forget!

Our sharleene stubby holders are essential for your party; they can hold and keep the coldness of the beer and other refreshments you prepare for your guests. These stubby holders are made from neoprene, and they’re also excellent promotional tool since they may be customised. You may wish to print your party’s theme together with beautiful artwork, and if you’re planning to use it as a promotional tool, we give you the chance to fit a lot of advertising information on it.

Our custom printed stubby holders are available in a wide range of colours, and they may be ordered in bulk so you can distribute them to your family, friends, employees, business partners and clients!

The Stubby Holders Team