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15 August, 2023

Stubby Holders for Bucks or Hen Nights: The Ultimate Party Accessory

When it comes to celebrating special occasions like bucks or hen nights, creating a memorable experience for soon-to-be-married individuals and their friends is essential. As the festivities rev up, guests seek unique party accessories that add flair to the celebration and serve as keepsakes to cherish for years to come. In this regard, stubby holders have emerged as the perfect item to elevate the party atmosphere. This in-depth article explores the various ways to use stubby holders for bucks or hen nights, what to put on them to personalise the experience, and why they have become the go-to party favour for such occasions.

1. Ways to Use Stubby Holders

1.1 Themed Decorations: Using them as themed decorations at stag or hens nights is a creative and practical way to elevate the party atmosphere and add a unique touch to the celebration. These versatile and customisable party accessories can be incorporated seamlessly into various themes, making them a standout element of the event.

One of the key advantages of using stubby holders for themed decorations is their ability to perfectly match the overall theme of the stag or hens night. Whether the theme is tropical, retro, beach, glam, or any other concept, they can be customised and fully tailored to complement the theme's colours, graphics, and aesthetics.

For example, for a tropical-themed hens night, stubby holders can be adorned with palm tree motifs, exotic flowers, and vibrant colours reminiscent of a beach paradise. On the other hand, for a retro-themed stag night, they can feature funky patterns, retro fonts, and graphics inspired by the era. This attention to detail in design ensures they seamlessly blend with the overall decor, creating a visually cohesive and immersive party experience.

They can serve as eye-catching table centerpieces, instantly adding a fun and festive vibe to the celebration. Placing them at each table setting creates a personalised touch for every guest, making them feel appreciated and valued as part of the event.

As table centerpieces, they can double as functional drink holders, ensuring guests' beverages are kept cool and easily accessible throughout the night. This practical use enhances the overall guest experience and encourages interaction and mingling among attendees.

Designated drink stations and bars at stag or hens nights are the perfect place to showcase themed stubby holders. Whether it's a cocktail bar or a DIY drink station, they can be stacked or displayed creatively to attract attention and add to the party's overall decor.

They can also be used to hold drink recipes, cocktail menus, or fun drinking game instructions. This interactive element engages guests and encourages them to try different drinks and enjoy the offerings at the bar.

1.2 Games and Activities: Using them for games and activities at bucks or hens nights adds an interactive and fun element to the celebration. They can be incorporated into various games and activities, creating memorable experiences for the soon-to-be-married individual and their guests. Let's explore how stubby holders can be effectively used for games and activities at bucks or hens nights:

1. Drinking Games

Drinking games are a popular and enjoyable activity at stag or hens nights, and stubby holders can play a central role in enhancing the experience. They can be used as cups for the games, adding a personalised touch to the proceedings.

For example, in a "Beer Pong" or "Flip Cup" game, participants can use them as designated cups for the competition. This adds to the excitement of the games and ensures that everyone has a unique cup they can keep as a memento afterwards.

2. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fantastic activity to engage guests and explore the party venue or surrounding area. Incorporating them into the scavenger hunt adds a creative twist to the game. Hosts can hide them throughout the venue or the city, and participants must find them as part of the scavenger hunt.

Each one can have a clue or a riddle leading to the next location, making the scavenger hunt even more challenging and entertaining. The guests get to collect them as they successfully complete the hunt, creating a fun and interactive experience.

3. DIY Decorating Station

Create a DIY decorating station with plain stubby holders and provide guests with various materials such as markers, stickers, glitter, and other decorative elements. Guests can unleash their creativity and personalise their own with messages, drawings, or designs of their choice.

This activity encourages guests to bond and share laughs, resulting in unique and personalised party favours that guests can take home. The DIY decorating station is a fantastic way to ensure each guest has a unique memento from the bucks or hens night.

4. Stubborn Stubby Challenge

The "Stubborn Stubby Challenge" is a fun and lighthearted game where guests compete to hold their stubby holders in various creative and challenging positions. The person who can hold their stubby holder in the most unique, funny, or unconventional way wins the challenge.

Guests can take turns attempting different poses and positions while others vote for the most creative ones. The game is guaranteed to generate laughter and hilarious photo opportunities, creating joyful memories of the event.

5. Trivia and Guessing Games

Incorporate them into trivia or guessing games related to the couple or the theme of the event. For example, hosts can print fun facts about the couple on the stubby holders, and guests must guess which fact matches which person.

Another idea is to print famous quotes or lines from movies or songs that are related to the couple or their relationship. Guests can participate in a guessing game to identify the sources of these quotes.

2. What to Put on Stubby Holders

2.1 Names and Dates: Including the names of the soon-to-be-married couple and the date of the event adds a personal touch. This customisation allows guests to remember the occasion and the people involved.

2.2 Funny Quotes or Slogans: Incorporating funny quotes or slogans on stubby holders at bucks or hens nights is a fantastic way to inject humour and laughter into the celebration. These witty and amusing phrases add a playful and light-hearted touch to the event, creating an entertaining and enjoyable atmosphere for the soon-to-be-married individual and their guests. Below are some ideas

1. Ice Breakers

Funny quotes or slogans on them can act as excellent ice breakers, helping guests feel more at ease and relaxed during the event. As guests pick them up, they'll be greeted with a humorous phrase or pun, instantly setting the tone for a fun-filled and entertaining night.

For example, a buck's night stubby holder might read, "The Last Hurrah!" or "Going Out with a Bang!" while a hens night stubby holder could say, "Last Night of Freedom!" or "Cheers to Mrs. [Name]!"

2. Team Bride vs. Team Groom

For hens nights and bucks nights with a competitive edge, they can be designed with funny slogans to represent "Team Bride" and "Team Groom." The guests can choose their respective team's stubby holders, sparking friendly rivalry and camaraderie among the attendees.

For Team Bride, the slogans could be "Bride Tribe Unleashed!" or "Squad Goals: Get the Bride to the Aisle!" For Team Groom, the slogans could read "Groom's Gaggle of Guys!" or "Bachelor Brigade: Last Night to Behave!"

3. Drinking Game Phrases

For drinking games during the event, incorporate funny drinking game phrases on them. These phrases can act as prompts or instructions for the games, adding humour to the drinking experience.

For example, the stubby holders could say "Take a Sip if You've Ever...," followed by funny scenarios like "Binged Watched a TV Show in One Sitting" or "Sent a Text You Regret the Next Morning." The phrases are sure to get the laughter flowing as guests participate in the drinking games.

4. Nostalgic Movie Quotes

Include humorous and nostalgic quotes from favorite movies or TV shows. These quotes can serve as conversation starters and bring back fond memories of shared movie nights or inside jokes.

For example, a buck's night stubby holder might feature a quote from a classic action movie, while a hen's one could have a funny line from a beloved romantic comedy.

5. Relationship Humour

Playful and light-hearted relationship humour on them adds a personal touch to the celebration. Phrases can include funny takes on marriage or humorous advice for the soon-to-be-married couple.

For example, a buck's night stubby holder might say, "He's Surrendering His Freedom!" while a hens night stubby holder could read, "Last Night to Be Boss!"

2.3 Themed Designs: One of the primary reasons why stubby holders are ideal is their ability to be customised according to the theme of the event and the preferences of the couple or the group. Whether it's a bucks party celebrating the groom's last night of freedom or a hen night honouring the bride's upcoming wedding, personalised stubby holders can be designed to reflect the personality and style of the guest of honour.

Guests attending bucks or hen nights are usually close friends and family members who share a special bond with the couple. Hosts demonstrate their thoughtfulness and appreciation for their guests' presence on this special occasion by gifting them personalised stubby holders. Each guest receives a unique and meaningful gift, strengthening the emotional connection and leaving a lasting impression.

2.4 Guest Names: For an extra special touch, consider personalising each one with the name of the guest it is intended for. This makes guests feel appreciated and valued as part of the celebration.

3. Why Stubby Holders are the Perfect Item to Use

3.1 Practicality and Functionality: They serve a practical purpose during the event. As guests indulge in drinks and engage in various activities, they keep their beverages cool and refreshing. Their insulating properties help maintain the ideal temperature of the drinks, making them enjoyable throughout the celebration.

The practicality of them extends beyond the event itself. Unlike disposable or one-time-use party favours, they are durable and reusable. Guests can take them home and continue using them in their daily lives, whether they are enjoying a cold drink on a sunny day or hosting their own parties and gatherings.

3.2 Long-Lasting Souvenirs: They act as tangible souvenirs that guests can take home after the celebration. As they return to their daily lives, these keepsakes serve as reminders of the memorable bucks or hen night experience. Every time they use them to hold their drinks, they will be transported back to the event's joyous atmosphere and heartfelt moments.

For the soon-to-be-married couple, they can also become cherished keepsakes. They can keep a few of them as mementos of their special night and the love and support they received from their friends and loved ones.

3.3 Budget-Friendly Option: They offer a cost-effective option for party favours, especially when ordered in bulk. They present a way to provide guests with thoughtful and personalised gifts without breaking the bank.


Stubby holders have taken the world of party favours by storm, particularly for bucks or hen nights. Their versatility, personalisation options, and practicality make them the perfect item to use when celebrating these special occasions. By incorporating them into the festivities, hosts can enhance the party atmosphere, create lasting memories, and provide guests with a tangible token of appreciation. As the demand for sustainable and meaningful party favours grows, they continue to stand out as an eco-friendly and cherished choice for a memorable bucks or hen night celebration.

The Stubby Holders Team