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22 June, 2012

Stubby Holders for Sport Fans

Are you impressed by the team stubby holders used by some football clubs during the Europe Cup recently? Why don’t you get some for your Rugby team? Or order some for your lovely bar or restaurant to gain more customers who are sport fans? Match-watching can never be good without a beer or two, so beer holders are bound to be your best chance for promotion! Holders are one of the best ways to show support for you club and to attract sport fans. On the other hand, it is also a brilliant way for sports clubs or teams to promote themselves.

Our high-quality team stubby holder looks just like the team T-shirt. When you put a glass of beer in it, they fit perfectly well and you actually feel that you are holding your best player in hand! To make sure that the holders match the style and colours of your favorite team, we provide a wide range of colours such as maroon, wine, red, indigo, brown and any colour you can find from a club T-shirt. Your company logo or slogan will be printed on the team stubby holder the way you like for sure. I am bet my bottom dollars that you will love it more than you can say.

With such a nice idea and awesome customised design, we offer a really competitive price, which is listed clearly on our website. Cool, isn’t it?

The Stubby Holders Team