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12 June, 2012

What’s A Good Choice For Promotional Stubby Holders

So you’d like to go ahead with some promotional stubby holders but you’re unsure what would suit you best. The largest selling style that we sell is the basic stubby holder with a base and stitched seams. There are several reasons why. Firstly you can print all the way around this style. There are several foldable styles, but these can only be printed on one side and the second side is an additional cost. Also the foldable stubby holders tend to be made with 3mm thick neoprene instead of the traditional 5mm thickness, so the insulation is not as good. This is why the standard promotional stubby holders that come with a base are the best selling.

The wraparound print means you have plenty of advertising space and some businesses certainly make the most of it. They are also useful for sporting clubs or teams that might want to list active players or perhaps celebrate their new winning record. The promotional stubby holders with a base allow this for an all inclusive price. The next most popular would be the full colour ones. They are especially popular for weddings as you can get a picture of the bride and groom on there. If you’re unsure what might suit you, give us a call or drop us an email and we’d be happy to help with advice.

The Stubby Holders Team