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17 September, 2018

Organise Your Company Events With Our Stubby Holders

Events like concerts and music festivals are some of the events which would attract people, especially if their favourite bands or DJ will be there to play music.

If you have a brewery industry, organising a concert would be one of the best venues where you can market your products. It may be grand, but your brand will surely going to blow up. You may invite guest bands and brand ambassadors to make the event more exciting. You can partner with your sister company in organising the event so that the workload will be distributed.

During the event, you may set up a booth to showcase all your products and services; you may also sell your bottled alcoholic beverages or launch your new product. Every time people buy booze, you may give them a useful gift like our economical stubby holders, your customers may use this to hold their drinks, and at the same time a remembrance from you and your event. These stubby holders are customisable, so you can wish to print your brand’s name or logo using our full-colour printing.

Brainstorm with your team and include us in your preparation!

The Stubby Holders Team