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29 June, 2012

Cheap Stubby Coolers Are Cool

As you may have noticed, cheap stubby coolers have slipped into heaps of sport events and bars in the past few years. It is not unusual that so many bar owners and companies choose them, since they are a very economical, practical and cool way to get your company brand into people’s mind.

Folding up flat, people can pop these cheap stubby coolers into your back pocket in-between drinks. In this way, your customers are willing to take them everywhere when going out. Stitched seams and an overlocking black piece of fabric across the top make them very useful and practical stubby holders to help insulate beer bottles or cans. Your customers will find them so adorable for sure.

One of the most important advantages of these cheap stubby coolers is its low price. Thanks to the thin 2.5mm neoprene material used in their construction, we are able to offer a very competitve price for these special coolers to help you deal with your tight marketing budget. We have listsed a clear price quotation on our website for your reference.

The Stubby Holders Team